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Hard Surface Cleaning

Tile and Grout-

Tile and grout cleaning needs more than just brushing, scrubbing and mopping. You might think this is sufficient to clean your tiles and grout, but to do the job properly professional maintenance is needed for your tiles and grout cleaning. Admit it, cleaning your tiles and grout is tiresome and time consuming. And the showers, pools and paving areas will always be neglected areas of cleaning due to the energy needed to do the job right. Regardless of how expensive your tiles and grout lines are, they will be destroyed if not well and regularly maintained.

Tiles and grout, just the same as carpets, need to be regularly cleaned. The floor is one of the first things that is seen when entering a property (inside and outside) and leaves a first impression regarding the cleanliness of the whole house. Regardless of how clean and polished the tiles are, they will look neglected if the grout lines are dirty and stained.

Rejuven8 offer you the best tile and grout cleaning services in Charlotte. We’ll help you with all your tile and grout cleaning problems.

VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile)-

VCT flooring is a durable and appealing surface especially in commercial environments. VCT can be one of the first things people see when entering a place of business. Having this surface looking clean and undamaged can be critical for a nice first impression. Shoe Scuffs, color fading and surface scratches can all be taken care of with a VCT refinish.

  • Strip the old, damaged, stained finish off
  • Clean the flooring
  • Seal the flooring with several coats of new finish
  • Polish to enhance the finish with a shine  (Additional service available if requested)

*We recommend a complete strip and seal every 1-3 years and a general clean and polish emi-annually