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How often should my carpets be cleaned?

Carpets are the biggest filter in your home. Capturing all types of dirt, dust and allergens. We reccomend that carpets be cleaned twice a year.

What is the difference between this form of cleaning and others? I’ve always assumed all carpet cleaners were alike?

More than 15 years ago most processes were the same, all steam cleaning. Overtime better more effect methods have popped up. We use an oxygenated green cleaning solution in combination with a rotary brush extractor. So you are getting the best cleaning solution and best cleaning method all in one. Other methods tend to either force the dirt deeper into carpet fibers and pad or just do a surface buff.

We don’t use toxic chemicals in our house because of my pet or I have children, are Rejuven8’s cleaners safe for my pet or child?

Yes, we use green lable cleaning solutions. Nothing we use is harmfull so there is no invisible toxic chemical cloud floating around that could be harmfull for children or pets.

Other companies are truck-mounted and can’t clean my condo because it’s in a high-rise, can Rejuven8 still clean it?

Our equipment is not truck mounted so we can get into many locations they can not. So high-rise condos is no problem.

With other cleaning companies our carpets are wet for hours, sometimes days, how long will my carpets be damp using your process?

Carpet dry times vary depending on thickness and type of carpet. As well as the amount of cleaner we need to use. We are considered a low moisture cleaner. On average carpets will dry in 1-2 hours.

What are the chances the spots will come back?

We attacked stains at their deepest point and completly remove it. If a spot is able to be removed it will not return.

Do I need to move my own furniture?

It is a good idea to pick up smaller things prior to our arrival. Most will vacuum the floors too. We will move some stuff if requested. Only items we typically will not move is extremely large items such as pianos, entertainment centers, large beds, large dressers.